Mapa de tomacorrientes en el mundo

Adaptadores, enchufes y voltajes

Mapa de los diferentes tipos de tomacorrientes en el mundo. Bastante útil para los viajeros que cargan su laptop/notebook o cualquier dispositivo que requiera conexión eléctrica. Noten la variedad que existe en Sudamérica.

Mapa de tomacorrientes en el mundo

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La solución más simple es que una vez que lleguen al país de destino es que se dirijan a la ferretería más cercana y compren el respectivo adaptador. Sino también pueden viajar con un adaptador universal y olvidarse para siempre de este tipo de problemas.

Si no poseen uno, les recomendamos comprar un adaptador universal de viajes en

Tipos de conectores
Tipos de conectores

Hay 15 tipos diferentes de tomacorrientes en uso en el mundo hoy en día. Estos han sido asignados letras por la Administración de Comercio Internacional (ITA) del Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos, comenzando con A y siguiendo el alfabeto. Los enchufes tipo A/B son los utilizados en los Estados Unidos y Japón, el tipo G se encuentra en el Reino Unido, el tipo D es el usado para viajar a la India, el tipo E/F son usados en países como Francia, Alemania y España, el tipo G es el utilizado en el Reino Unido, el tipo H es el utilizado en Israel, el tipo I es el utilizado en Australia, el tipo J es el utilizado en Suiza, el tipo K es el utilizado en Dinamarca, el tipo L es el utilizado en Italia, el tipo M es el utilizado en Sudáfrica, el tipo N es el utilizado internacionalmente, y el tipo O es el utilizado en Tailandia.

Es importante tener en cuenta que estos tipos de enchufes y tomacorrientes no siempre son compatibles entre un país y otro. Por lo tanto, se necesita verificar los estándares del país al que se viaja para asegurar que tus dispositivos reciban la cantidad de electricidad que necesitan. Para ello, es necesario contar con un adaptador de enchufe, que permite conectar un transformador o un convertidor de un país a la toma de corriente de otro país. Esto nos permitirá cargar nuestros gadgets sin problemas durante nuestros viajes.

Afghanistan220 V50 HzC & F ** A UN correspondent reports C and F common in Kabul, but its likely a variety of plugs may be used around the country.  Some sources report Type D also in use.  Other reports indicate voltage variances from 160V to 280V.
Albania220 V*50 HzC & F*Voltage variations common
Algeria230 V50 HzC* & F*A variation of Type C with a ground post offset about 1/2-inch from center may also be found.
American Samoa120 V60 HzA, B, F & I
Andorra230 V50 HzC & F
Angola220 V50 HzC
Anguilla110 V60 HzA (maybe B)
Antigua230 V*60 HzA & B*Airport area is reportedly Antigua power is 110 V.
Argentina220 V50 HzC & I**Neutral and line wires are reversed from that used in Australia and elsewhere.
Armenia220 V50 HzType C Electrical Outlet & F
Aruba127 V*60 HzA, B & F*Lago Colony 115V
Australia240 V50 HzI*Outlets typically controlled by adjacent switch.
Austria230 V50 HzFType C may be found, but rare.
Azerbaijan220 V50 HzC, F
Azores220 V*50 HzB, C, & F*Ponta Delgada 110 V; to be converted to 220 V
Bahamas120 V60 HzA & B
Bahrain230 V*50 Hz*G*Awali 110 V, 60 Hz
Balearic Islands220 V50 HzC & F
Bangladesh220 V50 HzA, C, D, G & K
Barbados115V50 HzA, B
Belarus220 V50 HzC & F
Belgium230 V50 HzENotes from correspondents: a ‘C’ style plug can be used with ‘E’ and ‘F’ receptacles.  All double-insulated appliances are indeed fitted with a ‘C’ plug, and can be used in any compatible receptacle (C E F and narrow L).  Type C receptacles are prohibited in Belgium.
Belize110/220 V60 HzB & G
Benin220 V50 HzE
Bermuda120 V60 HzA & B
Bhutan230 V50 HzD, F, & GType M plugs also identified by some sources.
Bolivia220/230 V*50 HzA & C*La Paz & Viacha 115V
Bosnia220 V50 HzC & F
Botswana231V50 HzMType  G may be found, but rare.
Brazil110/220 V*60 HzA & B, C*127 V found in states of Bahia, Paraná (including Curitiba), Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais (though 220 V may be found in some hotels).  Other areas are 220 V only, with the exception of Fortaleza (240 V).  Outlets are often a combination of type A and Cand can accept either type plug.
Brunei240 V50 HzG
Bulgaria230 V50 HzC* & F**Outlets are reported as type F, though both type C and F plugs may be encountered.
Burkina Faso220 V50 HzC & E
Burundi220 V50 HzC & E
Cambodia230 V50 HzA & C**Some outlets are a combination of type Aand C and can accept either type plug.   Plug G may be found in some hotels.
Cameroon220 V50 HzC, E
Canada120 V60 HzA & B
Canary Islands220 V50 HzC, E, & LType L plugs/outlets may have different pin spacing.  The smaller and closer pins are for a rated current of 10 A, the bigger and wider pins are for a rated current of 16 A.
Cape Verde220 V50 HzC & F
Cayman Islands120 V60 HzA & B
Central African Republic220 V50 HzC & E
Chad220 V50 HzD, E & F
Channel Islands230 V50 HzG
Chile220 V50 HzC & L
China, People’s Republic of220 V50 HzA, I, GThe «official» plug type is like type A but slightly shorter and without holes in blades.  Type A and I outlets are common, and Type G might also be found.
Colombia110 V60 HzA & B
Comoros220 V50 HzC & E
Congo, People’s Rep. of230 V50 HzC & E
Congo, Dem. Rep. of (former Zaire)220 V50 HzC & D
Cook Islands240 V50 HzI
Costa Rica120 V60 HzA & B
Côte d’Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
220 V50 HzC & E
Croatia230 V50 HzC & F
Cuba110/220 V60 HzA & B, C,
F & L
Most older hotels 110 V.  Some newer hotels 220 V.  Some outlets are a combination of type A and C and can accept either type plug.
Cyprus240 V50 HzG
Czech Republic230 V50 HzE
Denmark230 V50 HzC & KDenmark’s connectors have slight differences from those used elsewhere.  While pin diameter and spacing is standard, outlets may have different housing depths which could interfere with standard adaptors — one report says this is due to «childproofing.»  Also, Plug C fits into K-type outlets (but not vice versa).
Djibouti220 V50 HzC & E
Dominica230 V50 HzD & G
Dominican Republic110 V60 HzAType J may exist in some hotels.
East Timor220 V50 HzC, E, F, I,A UN correspondent reports «power is poor in the country with frequent brownouts and blackouts.  I suspect that surges are frequent as we go through a lot of surge-protecting power bars.»  Further he reports than Type I is common as much construction is done by Australians; type Cis common in building built during Indonesian occupation; type E is less common; type F is common in offices but not hotels.
Ecuador120-127 V60 HzA & B
Egypt220 V50 HzC
El Salvador115V60 HzA & B
England (SeeUnited Kingdom)
Equatorial Guinea220 V*50 HzC & E*Voltage varies between 150 & 175V with frequent outages
Eritrea230 V50 HzC
Estonia230 V50 HzFType C may be found in older buildings.  Type E plugs may work in either C or Ftype outlets.
Ethiopia220 V50 HzD, J, & L
Faeroe Islands220 V50 HzC & K
Falkland Islands240 V50 HzG
Fiji240 V50 HzI
Finland230 V50 HzC & F
France230 V50 HzEType C plugs  may be found on some appliances, and will fit the Type E outlet.  Type C outlets may be found in older buildings.  Type A may be found in older buildings but is illegal.
French Guiana220 V50 HzC, & E
Gaza230 V50 HzH
Gabon220 V50 HzC
Gambia230 V50 HzG
Georgia220 V50 HzC
Germany230 V50 HzC & F
Ghana230 V50 HzD & G
Gibraltar240 V50 HzC & G
Great Britain (SeeUnited Kingdom)
Greece220 V50 HzC, D, E & F
Greenland220 V50 HzC & K
Grenada (Windward Is.)230 V50 HzG
Guadeloupe230 V50 HzC, D, & E
Guam110 V60 HzA & B
Guatemala120 V60 HzA, B, G, & I
Guinea220 V50 HzC, F & K
Guinea-Bissau220 V50 HzC
Guyana240 V*60 Hz*A, B, D & G*Inside the capital city of Georgetown, both 120 V and 240 V at either 50 or 60 Hz are found, depending on the part of the city (50 Hz most common).  Actual voltage may vary from area to area.
Haiti110 V60 HzA & B
Honduras110 V60 HzA & B
Hong Kong220 V*50 HzG, MType M replaced by Type G but still found.
Hungary230 V50 HzC & F
Iceland220 V50 HzC & F
India230 V50 HzC & D
Indonesia127/230 V*50 HzC, F & G*Conversion to 230 V in progress; complete in principal cities
Iran230 V50 HzC
Iraq230 V50 HzC, D, & G
Ireland (Eire)23050 HzGType D once common and may be occasionally found.
Isle of Man240 V50 HzC & G
Israel220 V50 HzC
Italy230 V50 HzC, F & LType L plugs/outlets may have different pin spacing.  The smaller and closer pins are for a rated current of 10 A, the bigger and wider pins are for a rated current of 16 A.  Both kinds are currently used and comply to the relevant Italian (CEI) regulations.  Some outlets have overlapping holes to accept either older or newer types.
Ivory Coast (SeeCôte d’Ivoire)
Jamaica110 V50 HzA & B
Japan100 V50/60 Hz*A, B*Eastern Japan 50 Hz (Tokyo, Kawasaki, Sapporo, Yokohoma, and Sendai); Western Japan 60 Hz (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima)
Jordan230 V50 HzD, F, G & J**Type C may be found in some hotels.
Kenya240 V50 Hz G
Kazakhstan220 V50 HzC
Kiribati240 V50 HzI
Korea, South220 V60 Hz C & F**Type F likely to be found in offices and hotels.  110 V power with plugs A & B was previously used but is being phased out.  Older buildings may still have this, and some hotels offer both 110 V and 220 V service.
Kuwait240 V50 HzD* & G*Type D primarily used for 15A service, Type G primarily for 13A service..
Laos230 V50 HzA, B, C, E & F
Latvia220 V50 HzC & F
Lebanon110/220 V50 HzA, B, C, D & G
Lesotho220 V50 HzM
Liberia120 V60 HzA & B
Libya127 V*50 HzD & L*Barce, Benghazi, Derna, Sebha & Tobruk 230 V
Lithuania220 V50 HzC & F
Liechtenstein230 V50 HzJ
Luxembourg220 V50 HzC & F
Macau220 V50 Hz  D & G
Macedonia220 V50 HzC & F
Madagascar220 V50 HzC & E
Madeira220 V50 HzC & F
Malawi230 V50 HzG
Malaysia240 V50 HzG
Maldives230 V50 HzA, D, G, J, K &L
Mali220 V50 HzC & E
Malta240 V50 HzG
Martinique220 V50 HzC, D, & E
Mauritania220 V50 HzC
Mauritius230 V50 HzC & G
Mexico127 V60 HzA & B
Micronesia (Federal States of)120 V60 HzA & B
Monaco127/220 V50 HzC, D, E  F
Mongolia220 V 50 HzC & E
Montenegro220 V50 HzC & F
Montserrat (Leeward Is.)230 V60 HzA & B
Morocco127/220 V*50 HzC & E*Conversion to 220 V only underway
Mozambique220 V50 HzC, F & M**Type M found especially near the border with South Africa, including the capitol, Maputo.
Myanmar (formerly Burma)230 V50 HzC, D, F & G*Type G* found primarily in better hotels.  Also,  many of major
hotels chains are said to have multipurpose outlets, which will take Australian 3-pin plugs and perhaps other types.
Namibia220 V50 HzM
Nauru240 V50 HzI
Nepal230 V50 HzC & D
Netherlands230 V50 HzC & F
Netherlands Antilles127/220 V*50 HzA, B, & F*St. Martin 120 V 60 Hz; Saba &(St. Eustatius 110 V 60 Hz A, maybe B
New Caledonia220 V50 HzF
New Zealand230 V50 HzI
Nicaragua120 V60 HzA
Niger220 V50 HzA, B, C, D, E& F
Nigeria240 V50 HzD & G
Northern Ireland (see United Kingdom)
Norway230 V50 HzC & F
Okinawa100 V*60 HzA, B & I*Military facilities 120 V
Oman240 V*50 HzG*Voltage variations common
Pakistan220 V50 HzC & D
Palmyra Atoll120 V60 HzA & B
Panama110 V*60 HzA, B*Panama City 120 V
Papua New Guinea240 V50 HzI
Paraguay220 V50 HzC
Peru220 V*60 Hz*A, B & C*Talara 110/220 V; Arequipa 50 Hz
Philippines220 V60 HzA, B, C Type A most commonly found.
Poland230 V50 HzC & E
Portugal230 V50 HzC & F
Puerto Rico120 V60 HzA & B
Qatar240 V50 HzD & G
Réunion Island220 V50 HzE
Romania230 V50 HzC & F
Russia220 V50 HzF & CType F used in new construction.  Type C common in older structures.
Rwanda230 V50 HzC & J
St. Kitts and Nevis (Leeward Is.)230 V60 HzD & G
St. Lucia (Windward Is.)240 V50 HzG
St. Vincent (Windward Is.)230 V50 HzA, C, E, G, I &K
Samoa230 V50 HzI
Saudi Arabia127/220 V60 HzA, B, F & G
Scotland (SeeUnited Kingdom)
Senegal230 V50 HzC, D, E & K
Serbia220 V50 HzC & F
Seychelles240 V50 HzG
Sierra Leone230 V50 HzD & G
Singapore230 V50 HzGType A adaptors are widely available from shops as an extension set of 2 to 5 sets of sockets; most commonly used for audio and video equipment.
Slovak Republic230 V50 HzE
Slovenia220 V50 HzC & F
Somalia220 V*50 HzC*Berbera 230 V; Merca 110/220 V
South Africa220/230 V*50 HzM***Grahamstad & Port Elizabeth 250V; also found in King Williams
** Types C & G can also be found in some areas.
Spain230 V50 HzC & FA correspondent reports that in Barcelona’s Barrio Gothic, voltage is 120 V 60 Hz using Types C & F plugs.  Step up transformers are required to use typical European devices.
Sri Lanka230 V50 HzD
Sudan230 V50 HzC & D
Suriname127 V60 HzC & F
Swaziland230 V50 HzM
Sweden230 V50 HzC & F
Switzerland230 V50 HzJType C plugs  are common on appliances, and will fit the Type J outlet.
Syria220 V50 HzC, E, & L
Tahiti220 V60 HzA, B, EAll electrical outlets protected by ground fault circuit interruptors (GFCI).
Tajikistan220 V50 HzC & I
Taiwan110 V60 HzA, B
Tanzania230 V50 HzD & G
Thailand220 V50 HzA & C**Some outlets are a combination of type Aand C and can accept either type plug.
Togo220 V*50 HzC*Lome 127 V
Tonga240 V50 HzI
Trinidad & Tobago115V60 HzA & B
Tunisia230 V50 HzC &  E
Turkey230 V50 HzC & F
Turkmenistan220 V50 HzB & F
Uganda240 V50 HzG
Ukraine220 V50 HzC
United Arab Emirates220 V*50 HzG
United Kingdom230 V*50 HzG*Outlets typically controlled by adjacent switch.
Though nominal voltage has been officially changed to 230 V, 240 V is within tolerances and commonly found.
United States of America120 V60 HzA & B
Uruguay220 V50 HzC, F, I* & LType F becoming more common as a result of computer use.  *Neutral and line wires are reversed from that used in Australia and elsewhere.
Uzbekistan220 V50 HzC & I
Vanuatu230 V50 HzISome Type G may linger from British Colonial period, but are a rarity.
Venezuela120 V60 HzA & B
Vietnam127/220 V*50 HzA, C & G*To be standardized at 220 V.  Type Gfound in newer hotels, primarily those built by Singaporean and Hong Kong developers.
Virgin Islands (British and U.S.)115V60 HzA & B
Yemen, Rep. of220/230 V50 HzA, D & G
Zambia230 V50 HzC, D & G
Zimbabwe220 V50 HzD & G